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MENPOWER COLLECTION 2020, curator of a collection Gordana Tomić’ paintings

Let’s enter into the world of raw emotion and painting of abstract expressionism by Gordana Tomic …

Following the cycles of “THE ART OF PEACE” and “SAKURA WILL FLOW AGAIN”, the artist combines in her collection the deeply thought poetics of the Far East and the meditative energy she carries within herself. The motifs of images come from within the being and convey a message of optimism. The following depths of feeling convey them to the latitudes of the seas in the cycle “ALL ARE MUST BE MY” evoking nostalgic childhood memories, the emotion of a seafarer’s daughter. The sea carried him back to new worlds and brought him back from them, bringing love, trust, protection and the realization that the whole world was reachable and common.

With the cycle “COLORADES” it goes to the core of pure colors, confronts their sensibilities or intensities and plays an interactive coloring game on canvas. Communicates directly with the canvas through active color strokes, sharing the power of emotion with what will remain a vision that is further transmitted to the viewer. And so it triggers a reaction into the circle, which is perhaps the closest form of explanation for the term abstract expressionism. The Agora New York Gallery recognizes the quality of expression of this emotional charge and (in the month of 2014) presented it to its audience, experienced great success and continued cooperation. The following is a turning point for one woman of marked sensibility, in 2018 she becomes a mother as reflected in a series of pictures of THE RISING SUN. The sun shines, brightens and colors the day, it warms and infuses the feeling of beautiful, the sun cheers us up and moves us. A motif recognizable in the spirit of all religions of the world, it connects time and people and makes universal a sense of happiness or joy, just like motherhood.

Gordana Tomic’s ability to divide love through the image by shaping different reflections of her infinity continues in the viewer’s experience. The Menpower 2020 collection contains 24 works from these cycles, making this setting and collection specific and unique