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Solo exhibition of Mina Radovic’s paintings, “Fragmentation”, September 2019., at the Art Salon of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad

On Saturday, September 28, at the Art Salon of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad, at 6 pm, an solo exhibition of Mina Radovic’s paintings, “Fragmentation” will open. Until now, she has presented herself to the audience in the media of drawing, painting, video installation and film. Although in various media, the expressive artistic spirit of this artist is connected by thematic determination.

It is the body, the female body, visible and invisible body language in the processes of transformation of internal energy. With the exhibition “FRAGMENTATIONS”, Mina introduces the observer into the world of direct communication with the shaped forms of the female body that strive for unification and the whole.

The two-dimensionality of the resulting form confirms that space and time are
neither concrete nor definite, nor is the female figure belonging to a particular person. The increased associativity of fragments introduces into the question the question of what is the role of women today ?, as Biljana Jotic, author of the text writes. In the pursuit of wholeness, the body speaks through fragments …

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