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20/20 Group exhibition, the space under the reconstruction, The movie house Balkan, November 2018 Text and concept by Biljana Jotić, art Historian

Continuing the Fidelium project, which has combined the multilayered with the traditional and the modern (the exhibition of the same name at King Peter’s House, 2017), the 20/20 event combines time and space through art between the real and the virtual. The combination of the exhibition work of tangible works of art in the form of paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, videos and a new form of presentation of art through virtual display is a specificity of time. Placing them in the context of revitalization through the gathering of different types of skills introduces the term event rather than exhibition.

The attractiveness of the event is also provided by the site-specific moment of revitalization of the space, which has its history of gathering viewers around moving images – films and all that entailed, then the specifics of disappearing due to the changes that marked one time, and 20/20 calls for a reunion around art. 20 contemporary artists, drowned in time, gives 20 visual responses by associating the book 1000 to why 1000, invites live communication and forms a whole with the observer.

The history of art is filled with shifts of spatial and conceptual boundaries, different approaches and views on art. From the ritual needs of tribal communities, the arts in the service of religion and contemplation, through the need for decoration and enjoyment, art follows a civilizing flow. This is followed by the need to separate art as a notion that is independent of created, representative, usable, and artists experiment within a separate space of inner being, mind, and emotion, which leads to a shift towards experimentation with virtual prosperity.

The dual approach to the space, limited and unlimited, real and virtual, introduces the viewer to the unique sphere of a combination of a new age of modern technology and a traditional approach to a place marked by the term “cult”. The Balkan cinema itself is an architectural monument of culture, and the 20/20 event is an introduction to its reconstruction, specifically symbolizing the flow of time and skill.

Biljana Jotic, art Historian

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