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„THE GREAT WAR” Kombank Hall (announcement of the premiere of King Peter the First), Belgrade, November 2018 Text by Biljana Jotic

Biljana Jotić, author of text called this …An one artistic story about experiencing time… solo exhibition by Nemanja Okiljević King Peter ‘House and Kombank Hall (announcement of the premiere of King Peter the First), November 2018

Text by Biljana Jotić:

Various and different stories have been told about that period of time that history has sent us, a time of general horror, destruction, suffering, defeat, humiliation, death. Traces on the soul are indelible, and oblivion is something worse than ignorance. This exhibition of a cycle of paintings and drawings is a story of isolated events and people through which she describes the power of a general sense of distress that Nemanja Okiljević expresses compassion for the
horrors not so long ago experienced by ancestors calling for reminder.

The whole cycle of paintings and drawings of the “Great War” can be viewed as a parable of suffering, heroism, rebellious defiance visible in the details of the collected hands in each individual. It is a rebellion of beings in a state of general distress and death, something that gives an individual the right to make internal choices. It is a personal impulse, a dislike for the imposed, which can be brought into a continuous context of rebellion against the occupation of the mind and consciousness in the modern age.

In Nemanja’s art prose, artistic specificity emerges through the narrative of the scene, whether in the press, an event or personality is isolated. Each detail is integrated into a thematic focus. If the compositions were singled out, the narrative would not be taken out of the context of the engagement of the motive. From the “Blue Tomb”, through the “Crossing over Albania”, to the portraiture of individuals, there is a characteristic sound of heroism and struggle in suffering and sacrifice. Crimes, torture, the presence of the well-known symbol of the yellow house, the red color of blood and flesh and the onslaught of courage, rushing against occupation and evil.

Secure energetic moves shape forms that emerge at the moment of encounter with canvas or paper and appear on the surface in the form of newly created beings bearing the theme. Author transformation also happens when it comes to portraying certain individuals. Whether the isolated forms, which at some moments take on an animal and animal appearance, pile up or stand alone, are always in the context of clearly manifested the struggles of good and evil.

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