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Author’s project “Woman about woman”

The author’s project “Woman About Woman” by Biljana Jotic originates from her own need and inner being, and flows through the region. Combining her own experiences with the experiences of female colleagues from Zagreb, Ljubljana, Skopje and Podgorica, she activates the relationship to the female being through the art closest to the truth.

The curatorial concept of gathering contemporary domestic artists who tend to deal with the role of women today in completely different and unique ways has practically imposed itself. The idea came from a simple experience and collaboration with artists. Topic of women is more and more present in women’s creativity, and can be recognized in artistic need to express women as active participants, and not objects of worship or hatred, beauty or ugliness, greed or fear … Biljana Jotic practically points to this topic through art. The choice of artists clearly indicates a combination of different forms of artistic expression from the same basis – the echo of the inner female being and the need to release the power it carries within itself, something like an artistically shaped moan, thought, idea was born and concept formed.

The project brings together and connects artists and curators. As much as the artists actively create, the curators actively follow, which directly connects them. Each of the curators participates with direct experience, because choosing artists whose work is characterized by the aesthetic identification of women implies a lively attitude towards contemporary creativity and an active role in the chronicle of the art scene.

The subject metter of women is not new. Throughout the history of art, women have always been and remain an inexhaustible motive. Inspiration for a woman in a specific way carries antipodes and rests somewhere on the line between boundary feelings for her. A woman is a living organism, and she is the best witness to our existence. Time is flowing and thoughts are changing, and so is the role of women in society. This exhibition is dedicated to the topic of women, but by women, it raises the question from the inside out, about her inner states of being. It is therefore an immediate and concrete, raw topic that opens up to the observer in direct communication. It is not the closed form of one’s vision but the moment of expressing a woman’s emotion in the process, not seen and experienced, but something that has yet to be seen and experienced.

Word is word, work is work … with this slogan Biljana invites you to direct communication, verbal and non-verbal, and after five exhibitions in Regina, Belgrade, Podgorica, Skopje, Zagreb and Ljubljana we can summarize and move on.

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