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Art caffe, Goethe-institut Serbian, artist and art historian conversation

Born in 1966. He is engaged in visual arts research and psychotherapy. For sculptures, spatial installations, paintings, performances and art research workshops. Involved in scenography, too (American films “Crawl”, produced by Paramount pictures and series of the SF genre ‘‘ Krypton ’’, author David S. Goyer, produced by Warner Bros; scenography for advertisements, fairs, parties, exhibitions, Serbian film “We are not angels 2”, directed by Srdjan Dragojevic, produced by “Delirium”…) She has exhibited several times individually, in groups, in Serbia and abroad. This exhibition is part of a PhD project at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

On the occasion of the solo PhD exhibition “Have mercy, God”, author Gordana Belic and art historian and curator Biljana Jotic talked about the uniqueness of the artistic phenomenon, parallel processes of psychotherapy and art, as well as the border spheres between life and art.

The conversation was direct and pleasant in the specific atmosphere of the exhibition, from drawings, paintings, dominant figural forms of the dark shadow of a woman and a puppet of minimal dimensions that symbolizes a man, to optical play in a scenographic installation on the wall.

The exhibition explores the other side, the dark side of existence, the “shadow”, using intuition, memories, observations of synchronicity, noting all this in sketches and diary entries. The artists used works by the following authors as inspiration for the exhibition:

Johann Sebastian Bach: aria “Erbarme dich, mein Gott” from “Matthaus passion”
Rammstein: songs “Engel”, “Mutter”, “Mein Herz brennt”
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Magic Flute
Friedrich Nietzsche: “The Birth of Tragedy”
Karl Gustav Jung: synchronicity
David Bohm: “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”
Gustav Klimt: pictures
Mausoleum of Gale Placidia, Ravenna: mosaics
Werner Herzog: Nosferatu
Wim Wenders: “Sky over Berlin”
The character of Darth Vader from the movie “Star Wars”

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