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“Dance with me”, Vanja Vulin Ivošević

On the occasion of the second solo exhibition of Vanja Vlin Ivošević, which was realized in the Art for All gallery, Biljana Jotić wrote the author’s text and opened the exhibition. As she follows Vanja’s work from the beginning, when she decided to turn to fine arts (architect by original vocation) and the text keeps pace with the processes that take place during the creation of a new series of paintings…

Maybe we could start with a question what does the dence remind us? It is a movement of the human body, both in form of an art and socialization. It is part of game, special and separate state of mind that moves, it is the field ofimagination, feelings and joy. In any case, it draws you into draws you into the displaced situation of reality, intesifies sinsibility and direct time and spaces. The exhibition in ArtforAll gallery is a part of works from the newly created cycle Dance with me as the follow-up after Moved Spaces (name of the first cycle) by which the artist hinted exIting the filed of architecture, her primary vocation.

Vanja express the subtlety of feeling with color, and the monochromatic color palette leaves the impression of simplicity and tidliness. In this sense we can observe the architecture of spatial solutions which is not a beckend than primary content, and that is understandable since Vanja thins spatially. This space is hers. That is a space of her being, in which she exists, where she find the safe feeeling of artistic sensibility and beauty, which she has already moved.

Further analysis of artistic elements and the manner by which Vanja deals with the space of painting and communitcates with the viewer, leads to the notion of transcendental aesthetic. Within the cycle of paintings creted under the name Dance with me she continues the non-intrusive tempo of entering the space of paper or canvas where we could can only anticipate the border between the material and spiritual. Unedr this characteristics she links the sense of vision and hearing, simphonies of colours within the painting we see and the musical simphony that we hear. Maybe, in this close relations one could recognize the primary feeeling of excitement and dance with the border-line feeelings leading into the realm of disapperance of borders, the realm of pure pleasure. By exhibiting her paintings in the public gallery space she shares her feelings with all, invites us into the field of intimate atmosphere.

The cycle of paintings Dance with me is primarily inspired bay music. As well as to hear music through paintings…Beethoven, especially Piano concert No3 performed by Vladimira Ashkenazy, or interpretation by Kathia Buniatishviliof Libertango by Astora Piazzola, Das Waldkonzert, and a song Ni ti ni ja by Arsen Dedić, performed by Matija Dedić. In art time is not measurable, it lasts, and artists comfotshimself/herself in tjhe process of creation. Vanja dedicated this moment of creation to not giving up. She seeks herself in it, rejoices. Loves, wants, remembers, dwels on the future, and through it she also releases the desire for touch. This is testifed by names of paintings sunc us OUT OF TIME, FREEDOM, NEW DOWN, TEMPTATION, INSIDE, ANOTHER UNIVERSE, I WANT YOU…In this type of dance she expects our presents, she calls us to dance of connection emotions and joining without words. Would you like to dance?                                                                                                                  Biljana Jotić, art historian and curator

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