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“Intro floral”, Dominika Morariu

The introductory text for the catalog was written on the occasion of the solo exhibition of Dominika Morariu, which was supposed to be realized in April 2020 in the Cultural Center Novi Sad, Art Salon. Due to unforeseen circumstances caused by the Covid 19 virus, the exhibition was postponed for another date.

Introductory text by Biljana Jotic:

The sensuality of nature is timeless. Contact with it is necessary, and art is a state of mind that opens new spaces …

What are the spaces enclosed in transparent boxes in the whole setting called “Intro floral”? On the one hand, these are spaces filled with plants, with what nature has already given us. They smell, emit pleasant feelings and heal. The verses follow, the feelings that come out of the inspiration of nature and continue in the experience and thus exist again in someone else. When we expand the observational vision, the textures of digital graphics will appear, mixed quotes from the author and her colleagues and arranged in a balanced whole. All with a message about the nature of things. This whole art story takes place on the wall, inside the transparent glass boxes, in Dominica’s art space.

Viewed from a theoretical point of view, giving an artistic context to the parts of nature that have already been created is an integral part of contemporary art in a constant need to maintain contact with it. The specificity of Dominica’s approach and context is in the combination of several forms of creativity, natural flora, subtlety of poetry and graphic technique, creating its own artistic connotation of a whole of different phenomena. In her works, an impressive connection between nature and man takes place, two testimonies of existence, which intertwine in their necessity.

The viewer’s experience is new and delicate. The space of transparent boxes is filled with the sensory charge of one’s own emotion, which is inspired by nature. Although distanced from the observer in a safe zone in which it has its life, rhythm and dynamics, this artistic story clearly raises questions of preserving the touch of man and nature and the permanence of art.

Biljana Jotic, art historian and curator

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