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“Caelum”, Milan Marković, solo exhibition

On Tuesday, October 6, the first solo exhibition of Milan Markovic was officially opened in the house of King Peter. Biljana Jotic, art historian and curator, among other things, said…

Bearing in mind that the self-taught artist is an artist, which means that he was not academically educated in the ways of painting, his process is personal. Even when we connect with the thematic background, ie with the barely visible, but still present content, we can conclude that the notion of the personal is ubiquitous and in a way introduces the specificity that determines the artist, by which he becomes recognizable.

Now that we have entered into personal impulses towards expression, the moment when the artist in contact with the canvas confronts himself and enters a specific process of creating a vision, which is new for him, we can follow the art or visualization of thought processes that go parallel to the expressive. All this, in the case of Milan’s expression, could be defined by the notion of gesture. What follows is a noticeable need to abstract everything that can be redundant, to touch the core of emotion, so that we can characterize everything as gestural abstraction, recognized through the theory of abstract expressionism – as another characterization of Milan’s art.

In the contrasts of dark and light, somewhere almost total presence of darkness, somewhere whiteness that seems to be “dirty” with stains, then moments as if darkness is unobtrusively scattered in space, carrying surprise and questioning where it comes from and where it ends – one can felt the atmosphere. The transition to blue indicates depth and breadth, infinity and freedom.

Stopped somewhere between matter and spirit, good and bad, darkness and light, depth and breadth, the exhibition Caelum seems complementary, not opposed, something like yin yang. And…when we add a connection with the space in which and with which the works communicate, the exhibition also gets the context of the complementarity of tradition and modernity.

So, enter the space between and feel the appeal of the visual balance of an individual’s daily struggle in the context of life and personal – the space of VR technology skills in the basement, through black and white images on the ground floor, then blue elements combined with body forms floating freely in indefinite space. All the way to the top, to the sky and the stars on it…

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