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Discursive points of the project


  • Biljana Jotić, art and curator historian –
  • Initiator and artistic director of the project –

The international project “Rise Women in the Cultures of the WB” is a two-year project that gathers various experts in the field of cultural and social creation, focusing the female gender. Starts from the art and the creative aspect, project adress on the native equality, position and presence of women in art, cultural and social creativity. In addition to the raise the criterion in the presence of contemporary creativity, the project reacting on more problems:

– the diversity and heterogeneity of the contemporary artworks,

– linking institutional and non-institutional curatorial practices,

– the standard of art exhibitions and the participation of artisans in curatorial practices,

solidarity and a common angle (female) – a close relationship between curator and artist,

VR technology, new forms of curatorial practices and nourishment of global visibility

networking and exchange, in the sense of the wider context of the view

young generation – the reason is observing the new youthful energy that is active in the 21st century and offers new answers

From the point of view of artistic harm, we would like to emphasize that conceptually this project is based on the idea of women as a subject in the process of creation and an object in the process of observation. The focus is on the present moment and the evidence of the inner female being and the relationship of the individual to the collective and vice versa. In the close collaboration between the artist and the curator, the specificity is visible in the corner of the viewer and conveys the guarantee. The starting point is sarded and networked in the region and beyond.

In the dialogue are the generations of the 21st century, this project will try to show how a woman shapes contemporary Balkan cultural creation as well as how it shapes a woman. Through the various forms of the creative identity of women, in personal expression, technique and medium, the project tends to encompass and reflect the most challenging and open question of the diversity of our times and to connect through art. We are counting on providing us with a comprehensive artistic overview of contemporary creativity and the position of women in art in the region. We pay great attention to accessibility in remote and “abandoned” territories.

As far as gender equality and women’s empowerment are concerned, our main group of women is the focus of the younger generation, while the curators and various experts in the field of culture are involved. The current estimate is that about 90% of the people involved in project implementation will be women during the project. The partner leader is a gender-based organization and in this way we will further ensure that gender equality is an integral part of all aspects of this project. We would like to emphasize that our main gypsy group is an active visual artist, they are the focus of the younger generation, because we are a creative creature of the 21st century, and we will deal with the problems of young people and their needs.

By implementing the general activities of the project, we strive to map and document our agreement on the questions asked. These are: TRAVEL EXHIBITION (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Kao and VR, Virtual Realities) for which the selector’s pre-selected artists are recognizable and distinctive. RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM in Zadar, Croatia, will regain new, youthful energy through an open call, and those who will come to him will present a new exhibition on display in Strasbourg or Brussels and VR, Virtual Reality. VR technology introduces a new look to curatorial practices and global visibility. RESEARCH deals with the question of social diversity and the identity of women in contemporary visual arts and the study of institutional and non-institutional curatorial practice. THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES documents the artist and curator in the process of creation. The NFC is a network of curators of thematically organized eye art in art, in addition to the above integral part of the project there are study visits, as well as numerous useful lectures and workshops.

This project is co-financed by the IPA Funds of the European Union, then the funds of the Ministry of Culture and the City Secretariat are the territory of which are partner organizations:

FENOMENA, partner leader, Serbia


NGO SPES, Serbia



SENSUS, Northern Macedonia

For all information send us to:

WEB address:


social networks: riseofwomen.balkan

The key words of the project are:

Networking, equipping, diversity, female identities in culture, payback, exchange

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