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BESTIARIUM, drawings cycle by Marija Tošković

This text was created in September 2018 from an inspiration by creativity and a conversation with an artist. Frequent conversations about art in general, its movements and changes over time, the modern age and the place of the artist today have also necessitated the textual integrity of the Bestiary cycle.
Text by Biljana Jotic:       

 … The path of freedom…              

Which way to freedom? Let’s try to imagine the way, we will understand that everyone has their own vision. In this diversity is the essence of human existence, regardless of time. It is a space somewhere between spirit and matter, innate and learned, animal and human, in philosophy between Being and Being (life), in life between original and civilization, and in art between urge and thought. I understand and accept Mary’s artistic approach in collusion with her accounts: “I think it is only through sublimation that we reach the freedom we have lost,” and the Bestiary drawing cycle is an example of sublimation of parts on the way to the whole, subtle feelings, turbulent thoughts, moments of confrontation, wit, knowledge , consciousness…

Psychology would call these paths ‘stages’, and it is interesting to remember that we do not recognize individual life moments equally at every stage. Although they are also present somewhere, more life situations need to be covered to be recognized at all. Bestiary is life stages, steps along the way, moments of confrontation, recognition, need to take and give. Mary’s authorial specificity is somewhere in between, in an open emotion that seamlessly draws us into the pulsating delicacy of artistic sensibility and our own cognition.

When something catches your mind and “echoes” in your head, it means that it invites you and persuades you to go in that direction, and it depends on your personality or individual where the journey will take and where it will reach. In the case of the Bestiary cycle, that call was Rilke’s words: “the lions are still going and they don’t know any weakness until they have arrived,” because they are not like us “aware of the flowering and the dying” of the knowledge of the spaces we may have lost. I would stop here and look for a reason for the spatial purification of the whiteness of the paper, which gives way to the sign, the personal expression of the shaping of the senses, the sublimation of feelings, thoughts, instincts and the learned, the moment when in something read we find confirmation of our own need for answers.

My freedom begins where yours ends,” Mary’s words that fully explained her line and form, the basics of her visual expression, the artistry on the whiteness of the papyrus, the practically refined space that gives way to a subtle but suggestive move, something like when it sounds and melody emerge from silence and activate the senses. Shaping different forms of life experience, instinctive and cognitive processes, transformed into a single energy, is in fact the content of the art composing of the Bestiary. The line of guilt in its immediacy on the whiteness of the paper as long as it goes into the form of concentrated physicality, that is, matter filled with spirit, of the conceptual fusion of content and form in the living process of striving for the visual whole as a whole of being.

After a long way, in the process of drawing, there is a liberation that is two-way, the reconciliation of animal and human, spirit and matter, emotion and raid, original and civilizational, a sublime sense of transcendence of matter, purification from the intrusive content of civilizational content… the artistic flow as a single liturgy in consciousness the choice of modern existence.