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Name and surname: Biljana Jotic



Biljana Jotic (nee Samardzic) is originally from Herzegovina. Born in Mostar (1977), she finished seven grades of primary school in Bileća, and due to her father’s transfer to the military service (1988), she moved to Belgrade, where she continued her education and life. Mother of two adult children and active independent entrepreneur in art and culture.

She graduated in Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, MA (2002). During the turbulent student years (protests of 1996/7 and the bombing of 1999), she volunteered in the library at the Department of Art History. After graduating, she continued her volunteer practice at the National Museum, on the project “Digitization of Museum Collections” and at the Vatroslav Lisinski High School of Music. She defended her habilitation and received the title of curator. She founded the BeoArt-LiveArt gallery (2006) on her own initiative, which she ran as an artistic director for 8 years. She is one of the founders of the BeoArt Contemporary Association. Member of ULUPUDS and the Board of Directors of the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

She has realized over 10 author’s solo and over 30 group exhibitions, regional and international, published over 30 catalog author’s texts, initiated and realized 5 author’s projects, regional and international, independently and in cooperation with colleagues, partner organizations and the public sector. Her texts (7) were published in the professional journal of contemporary visual art and spatial communication, Likovni život. The selector has over 10 collective exhibitions, manifestations and festivals, judged two award exhibitions, initiated and moderated over 5 panels. In addition, she opened a number of solo and group exhibitions, held over 10 professional guided tours of the exhibitions and was the author of over 20 exhibitions. Initiated and realized several art events, art meetings, open classes with students, multimedia workshops with children and adults as well as humanitarian events and auctions of contemporary art, as well as ART tours through contemporary visual art.

Her work so far has been followed by numerous media sources, from television, radio and print media to new forms of internet portals. She has had more than 10 guest appearances on shows on various television programs, informative and specialized in art and culture. A film was made about her co-authored exhibition “Medial: Once Upon a Time”, which is broadcast within the Palette of Cultural Heritage, RTS 3. Author of the documentary series “Woman about woman”, editing on tge national channel RTS 3. Her authorial projects have been supported several times by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Secretariat of the City of Belgrade, as well as EU IPA funds. State exam. Author of the documentary series “Woman about woman”, editing on tge national channel RTS 3


Professional titles:

– Stage masker-wigmaker

– Art historian

– Curator

Volunteer practice:


– Library at the Department of Art History, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade

– National Museum in Belgrade, project “Digitization of museum collections”

-Secondary Music School “Vatroslav Lisinski”, subject History of Civilization and Culture

Professional practice:

Owner and artistic director of BeoArt-LiveArt Gallery, for 8 years

(Realized over 15 solo exhibitions of artists of the younger generation of the domestic art scene; initiated and realized four author projects and various actions with young artists; auction of contemporary art, volunteer practice for students of art history, art workshops …)

One of the founders of the Association BeoArt Contemporary, founded in 2016

(supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Secretariat of the City of Belgrade for several projects, as well as one of the partners in the project co-financed by IPA funds of the European Union, 2021-23. Union. Realized over 20 solo and group exhibitions, regional and international. Published over 20 art catalogs, production of the documentary series “Women about Women – Identities of Women in Contemporary Visual Art”, realization of research on the position of women in culture, in partnership with the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, organization of the International Kick Off Conference in Belgrade, January 2021.

Artistic director of the project “Rise of womаn in culture in the WB”, co-financed by IPA funds of the European Union

Мember of the Steering committee of the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, July 2021.

Independent advisor in the Office of the Chief Urbanist

Curatorial practice:




initiator and artistic director of an international project lasting 26 months (04.01.2021 – 17.03.2023) with numerous activities that are realized in different territories of the region and Europe. The project is co-financed by IPA funds of the European Union

(by implementing the general activities of the project, we strive to map and document our answers to the questions. These are: TOURING EXHIBITION “Women about Women” (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, in the space of physical and virtual reality, for which the selectors pre-selected artists with recognizable and different identities of women in the visual arts RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM In Zadar, it will gather new, youthful energy through an open call, and the works created during it will present a new exhibition in Strasbourg, the Council of Europe building. VR include new forms of curatorial practices and global visibility.RESEARCH addresses issues of social diversity and women’s identities in contemporary visual arts and includes institutional and extra-institutional curatorial practices, mapping them.DOCUMENTARY SERIES documents the thought and creative processes of artists and curators.NFC is a network of curators around the notion of woman in art i. In addition to the above, an integral part of the project are numerous useful lectures and workshops.

The project is co-financed by IPA funds of the European Union and was selected as one of 13 projects in the Call for Cultural Cooperation Projects in the Western Balkans)


initiator of the project with the concept of merging contemporary visual art and space that belongs to the tradition of cultural heritage of Serbia. The author’s specificity and curatorial concept are characterized by the notions of continuity (revitalization of cultural heritage space through contemporary visual creation), then in the choice of atypical exhibition space and heterogeneity of visual expressions (as chronicles of evidence of different experiences of contemporary fluid reality). So far, 4 exhibitions have been realized:

  1. 1. ART ON PAPER, National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, 05.05. – 05.07.2019. – author’s curatorial group exhibition. This project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Secretariat of the City of Belgrade (the first part of a one-year regional author’s project with the topic of gathering local authors around paper as a medium, heterogeneous, in the form of chronicles). Additional specificity is also recognized in the character of the media, as a newspaper of the new age and faster dissemination of information that has led to modern forms of communication. heritage, without which we would not have the opportunity for wide knowledge today.)
  2. THROUGH WATER, art station Ešđeg, 2017 – curatorial solo exhibition and installation by artist Ivana Živić – site-specific, (curatorial concept is based on transposing the content that the artist problematizes in the painting directly into space. Site-specific character is formed through the whole that consist of a contemporary exhibition in an atypical space of cultural heritage and an installation by which the space is moved from the canvas to the real space, the time of the event is “now and here” including the observer as an integral part of the event
  3. IDENTIFICATIONS, Jokanović House, National Museum of Užice, June 12-12, 2018. – author’s curatorial solo exhibition with the concept of merging the two-pronged approach of two contemporary visual authors to the problem of identification in contemporary society in the medium of drawing on paper, relying on the sentence of Miodrag B. Protić: “Knowledge of the diversity of artistic expressions is the safest and simplest compass on the troubled open sea of contemporary art.” Two approaches to the same theme and technique, drawing on paper, on the one hand identification through the external projection of the city and geometrized forms of closed forms, and on the other the internal projection of the modern selfie phenomenon. The work of contemporary thematic issues is in the exhibition in the traditional space of the Jokanić house, as a separate part of the National Museum in Užice.
  4. 20/20, space in the reconstruction of the Balkan cinema, in cooperation with the Sasa Marcheta Foundation and the NuraArt Agency, November 3-09, 2018. – group exhibition that combines real and virtual space. The author of the concept, text and setting (curatorial specificity is visible through the matching of works by 10 artists who exhibited in physical reality, who in their work problematize the issue of space in different ways and the absence of other reality, virtual and 10 works in this new space. In addition, the issue of revitalization of the cult space of the Balkan cinema with contemporary visual art. Combining traditional and contemporary time connects, real and virtual space connects.

BOA (Belgrade Open Art)

one-day interactive event with the concept THE WALK / THE TALK / THE AUCTION, Cultural Center of Belgrade, Pop Up space (June 1, 2014 and 2015) – co-author

(drowned in social and cultural events, the four of us colleagues recognized three current problems in the museum’s closure, lack of communication and lack of market bases for contemporary art. We offered the answer through the concept of Open Art and the strategy of a guerrilla one-day self-financing event during which 30 artists of the younger generation were presented. From the street gallery of the joint walk, all with works by Prince Mihajlova Street and around the National Museum, through the exhibition in the Pop Up space of the Cultural Center of Belgrade and the Art meeting to the auction as the ultimate goal.)


co-author of the art festival in Novi Sad NOA FEST (2015,2016,2017,2018,2019) with the concept of dynamics in program solutions that are implemented in several locations, Art Salon and Youth Forum, Cultural Center Novi Sad, Eđšeg Castle, alternative Cultural Center Lab ).

Every year, NOA FEST brings together over 20 artists of the younger generation for the purpose of networking and communication. It is focused on the younger generations and the home field of the festival’s strategy is realized with various program solutions and in several locations. From exhibitions, through Art meetings, workshops, panels, humanitarian actions, art responds to the social needs of its integral part.

Theoretical practice (published author’s texts)

„FINE ART LIFE (origin LIKOVNI ŽIVOT)“ – chronicle on visual and spatial communications 157/158, 2020. Texts:

Sculptors of Serbia 2020-year exhibition of the sculpture section of ULUS, pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić, September 2020;

Chronicle of Reflections of Our Time: Acquisitions of the Museum of Contemporary Art 1993-2019, June-October 2020.

Visions of reality, solo exhibition Mirjana Đošić, art gallery KC Kruševac, 2020.

„FINE ART LIFE (origin LIKOVNI ŽIVOT)“ – chronicle on visual and spatial communications 155/156, 2019. Texts:

Igor Vasiljev, Notes on paper-drawings, studies and sketches;

Marija Tošković, Bestiary – The Road to Freedom;

Aleksandar Stojnović, Figurative-portrait entity;

Mina Radović, Fragmentations;

Catalog texts:

WOMAN ABOUT WOMAN, author’s regional exhibition, NGVU, Belgrade (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia), 2021

SCULPTURES OF SERBIA 2020, Revue exhibition of the sculpture section of ULUS, pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić, September 2020.

SEASONARY, Vesna Opavski, solo exhibition KC Trebinje, October 2020.

VISIONS OF REALITY, Mirjana Đošić, solo exhibition, Kruševac Art Gallery, September 2020.

PLANE REFLECTIONS, Miona Marta Marković, traveling solo exhibition, 2020.

PLAY WITH ME, Vanja Vulin Ivošević, solo exhibition, ArtforAll Gallery, Belgrade, June, 2020.

INTRO FLORAL, Dominika Morariu, introductory text for the catalog written for the solo exhibition that was to be realized in the gallery of KC Novi Sad, April 2020.

TRAPS OF PERCEPTION, solo exhibition of Ivan Milenković, KC Leskovac, February 2020.

NOTES ON PAPER, Igor Vasiljev, KC Novi Sad, Art Salon, 2019.

FRAGMENTATIONS, Solo exhibition of Mina Radović Cultural Center Novi Sad, Art Salon, 2019.

PORTRAITS, FIGURATIVE-PORTRAIT ENTITY, Aleksandar Stanojević, solo exhibition, KC Inđija, gallery House of Vojnović, 2019.

STARTED SPACES, the first solo exhibition of Vanja Vujin Ivošević, Gallery of the Municipality of Vračar, 2019.

RHYTHM OF THE CITY, solo exhibition by Marija Milinković, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade, 2018.

FIGURE THROUGH THOUGHT, author’s solo exhibition by Jovana Jarebica, Natalija Miladinović and Una Nikolić, 2018.

THROUGH WATER, Ivana Živić Jerković, solo Site-specific exhibition, Ešćeg Castle, Novi Sad, introductory text

SPIRITUAL, solo exhibition by Natalija Miladinović and Zdravko Janković, Atrium Library of the Belgrade City Library, 2018.

STONE DREAMS, solo exhibition by Đerđa Ačaja, Lucida Gallery, Belgrade, 2018, KC L

20/20, author’s group exhibition, space in the reconstruction of the Balkan cinema, 2018.

THE GREAT WAR, Nemanja Okiljević, King Peter’s House and Kombank Hall (announcement of the film Peter the Great), 2018.

THE FALL OF MAN, Kristina Pirković, Art for All Gallery, Belgrade, 2018

IDENTIFICATIONS, solo exhibition of Marija Tošković and Marija Milinković, National Museum Smederevska Palanka, Contemporary Gallery, 2018.

THE NEED FOR REMEMBRANCE, solo exhibition by Koštana Đurić, Suluj Gallery, Belgrade, 2017

YOUTH PALETTE, selector exhibition as part of the festival, KC Vrbas, 2017

ART ON PAPER, National Library of Serbia, May-July 2017

MEDIALA: ONCE UPON A TIME, USA, co-authored group exhibition, RTS Gallery, Belgrade, May 2017

FIGURES ON PAPER, author’s group exhibition, National Museum of Uzice, 2017

TABLEAU VIVANT, author’s group exhibition, UK PArobrod, 2017

NARRATIVES ON PAPER, author’s group exhibition, Modern Gallery, National Museum Smederevska Palanka, 2017.

ART ON PAPER, author group exhibition, FLU Gallery Kosovska Mitrovica, 2017

ALL THE SEAS ARE MINE, solo exhibition by Gordana Tomić, Maritime Museum Gallery, Porto Montenegro, Montenegro, 2017.

PERPENTUM MOBILE, solo exhibition by Jelena Vićentić, Božidarac Gallery, 2017

THEORY OF UNITY, ambient exhibition of Vojislav Radovanović, Salon 77, Niš, 2017.

RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION, solo exhibition of Canadian artist Dragica Gaćanski Didi, Art Salon KC Novi Sad, 2017.

STORY OF ORIGIN, solo exhibition of Vojislav Radovanović, gallery “Jovan Popović”, Opovo, 2016.

METAMORPHOSIS, solo exhibition of Vojislav Radovanović, art salon of the House of Culture, Čačak, 2016.

PROJECT: GARDEN OF PARADISE, solo exhibition of Vojislav Radovanović, Art Salon, KC Novi Sad, 2016.

PURIFICATION, solo exhibition of Filip Baralić, National Museum of Užice, 2015.

OČIJUKANJE, solo exhibition by Branka Đurašković, SKC New Belgrade, 2015.

IN MEMORY OF DEJAN PRENDIĆ PRENDA memorial exhibition, National Museum Zaječar, 2014.

Moderator practice – Panels


IDENTITIES OF WOMEN IN CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ART, participants: Dubravka Đurić, Aleksandra Lazar, Iana Stantieri, Ivana Ivković,, moderators Maša Elezović and Biljana Jotic, online

HAVE MERCY, GOD, Art cafe with Gordana Belic as part of her doctoral exhibition, Exchange office gallery, Goethe Institute, Belgrade, June 2020

YOUNG GRAPHICS, Eđšeg Cultural Station, Novi Sad

DADO AND LJUBA, Crossbreeding, Art Salon KC Novi Sad


MOSAIC TODAY, Youth Forum, KC Novi Sad

SCULPTURE TODAY, Eđšeg Cultural Station

AUTISM AND ART, Youth Forum, KC Novi Sad



Selection practice and judging:

RISE OF WOMEN IN CULTURE IN THE WB, traveling exhibition, documentary series, residential exhibition, research

SCULPTURES OF SERBIA 2020, traditional exhibition of the sculpting section of ULUS

YOUNG GRAPHICS, selector, Eđšeg Cultural Station, Novi Sad 2019


YOUTH PALETTE, selector for 2017

6th BIENNIAL OF WATERCOLOR, judging, SKC Novi Beogard, 2018

NOA FEST 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

BOA 2014,2015

Professional guidance

LJUBA, retrospective exhibition of Ljubo Popović in the Serbian Academy of science and art,SANU gallery, 2019

Between real and virtual reality, space in the reconstruction of the Balkan cinema

Serbian painting of the 20th century, 1900-1950, gallery of the House of the Army

Young graphics, Art Salon, KC Novi Sad

Mosaic today, Youth Forum, KC Novi Sad

Young sculpture, art station Esdjeg, Novi Sad

Contemporary narratives on paper, art station Ešđeg, Novi Sad

Professional exhibition openings


SEASONARY, Vesna Opavski, KC Trebinje, October 2020

NOTES ON PAPER, exhibition of studio drawings and sketches by Igor Vasiljev, Art Salon, KC Novi Sad

THE POWER OF THE LINE, solo exhibition by Ljiljana Stojanović, Gallery 73, Belgrade

SPIRITUAL, solo exhibition of Natalija Mialdinović and Zdravko Janković, gallery of the Belgrade City Library

THE FALL OF MAN, solo exhibition by Kristina Pirković, Art for All Gallery, Belgrade

FIGURE THROUGH THOUGHT, Jovana Jarebica, Natalija Miladinović, Una Nikolić, House of King Peter, Belgrade

STONE SLEEPERS, solo exhibition Đerđi Ačaji, KC Šabac

THE GREAT WAR, solo exhibition by Nemanja Okiljević, King Peter’s House, Belgrade

IN THE RHYTHM OF THE CITY, solo exhibition of drawings and installations by Marija Milinković, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade

THE NEED FOR REMEMBRANCE, solo exhibition of paintings by Koštana Đurić, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade

Exhibition settings – design

WOMAN ABOUT WOMAN, NGVU gallery, Belgrade

SCULPTURES OF SERBIA 2020, art pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić

20/20, space in the reconstruction of the Balkan Cinema

ART ON PAPER, National Library of Serbia



NOTES ON PAPER, exhibition of drawings, studies and sketches by Igor Vasiljev, Art Salon KC Novi Sad

FANTASTIC 6, House of Legacies, Belgrade

And every exhibition realized so far

Media presentation

Published texts in the catalogs of solo exhibitions, author’s exhibitions, events and festivals mentioned above (over 30)

Printed editions of daily or weekly newspapers:

Discussion on the retrospective exhibition of Ljubo Popović at SANU with the author Slavica Batos, Pečat (interview on 12 pages from two parts)

Announcements or announcements from exhibitions: Politics, News, Weather, Story magazine…

SEE CULT, „Critique in Action“, 19th Biennial of Art in Pancevo, 2020

Visits and contributions:

NOVA S, morning program, supplement

Browsing, Studio B, twice;

News First Television, report on the exhibition Tableau vivant

Serbia Today, RTS, report on the exhibition Figures on Paper, National Museum of Uzice

RTS, Morning program

RTS, Cultural Center

PINK, Morning program with Srdjan and Jovan

STUDIO B, Belgrade Good evening

RTS, Show That’s the way things are

STUDIO B, Sketch Show

RTS 2, Show All the colors of life

NOVA S, Morning program

TV HAPPY, Morning program

TV HAPPY Telemaster

RTV, Novi Sad postcard

RTV, news program

TV PRVA, show Explosive

RADIO BEOGEAD 2, Cultural Circles

Documentary film Mediala: Once Upon a Time, Sad, RTS 3

Documentary series “Woman about woman – female identities in cntemporary visual art“, directed by Botris Miljković, You tube

Numerous internet portals (Perstiž, RTS, Politika, Novosti, Blic, Elle ()

Art meetengs

WOMEN ABOUT WOMEN, within the project Rise of women in culture in the WB

BOA 2014, 2015, Pop Up space, Cultural Center of Belgrade

NOA FEST 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Cultural Center Novi Sad

Art tours through the current exhibition of contemporary visual art in Belgrade:

Gallery programs:

Belgrade Cultural Center, Renovation, U10, Cvijeta Zuzorić, November, New Gallery of Visual Arts

Humanitarian actions

ART TO JOY, Stara kapetanija gallery, Belgrade,