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FRAGMENTATIONS", solo exhibition of Mina Radovic, Cultural center Novi Sad, Art Gallery, September - October 2019.

Asking herself as a woman what all a woman hides or keeps within herself, Biljana Jotic wrote the author’s text:

             … When the body speaks through fragments it strives for wholeness…

Mina Radovic is a visual artist of the younger generation. She has exhibited several times in the country and abroad, independently and in groups. By nature curious to try out in the various media provided by contemporary art, she has so far presented herself to the audience in the media of drawing, painting, video installation, and feature film. Although in different media, the artist’s expressive artistic spirit is connected by thematic determination. It is the body, the female body, visible and invisible body language in the processes of transformation of internal energy. The human body carries the most precious matter in the world, the path, the very expression of life. Examples of fascinating representations of relationships to the body and physicality throughout art history are known, ranging from the optical sublime of beauty to the involvement of the body in conveying raw emotion, but in any case physical sensuality. It is surprising that although the body has been and is a frequent topic, the image of it is always different. These differences are a reflection of the delicacy of artistic sensuality and vision.

With the exhibition “FRAGMENTATIONS”, Mina introduces the observer into the world of direct communication with the shaped forms of the female body that strive for unification and the whole. The two-dimensionality of the resulting form confirms that space and time are neither concrete nor definite, nor is the female figure belonging to a particular person. The increased associativity of the fragments introduces the issue of the role of women today. In Mina’s works, one can recognize the dual relation to the presence of this thematic discourse. On the one hand, it actively problematizes this issue with its own participation, and on the other, it invokes the force of femininity through sensual gestures and soft forms. In any case, in the process of expression, it follows its own visions, searches, emotions and expressive approach communicates with the canvas on which formations of energetic forms, bodily and sensory parts scattered in space are formed without any rhythmic rules. They freely pulsate in their pursuit of union and wholeness.

This exhibition is dedicated to painting, that is, Mina’s artistic expressions, mostly in larger format, with writing and smaller format. Atypical fragmentations of forms occur in archetypal space transferred to canvases. Looking at the images that have emerged in the last two years, there is a marked tendency towards abstraction, unconscious but present. The release is visible in all existing elements of the composition. Forms become more open, lighter, freer, weightless floating in the form of fractals. The light present in the colors dims, the spaces become more open but a bit cooler, and the expression of a delicately softer move is more immediate, less controlled, primordial. Mine is on the path of more direct communication with itself and the development process of its artistic design, ie the moments when it creates, is freer. Often the story of sculpture and sculpture may continue in that direction. It wouldn’t surprise me, moreover I expect.