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PERPETUUM MOBILE, solo exhibition by Jelena Vićentić, curated by Biljana Jotić

In October, 2018 in the gallery Božidarac, art historian Biljana Jotić opened a solo exhibition by Jelena Vicentic. The following is the author’s text:

Born in 1988 in Belgrade. Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Painting, graduated in 2012 in the class of Professor Gordana Nikolic. She participated in several group exhibitions and had three solo exhibitions. Fellow of the Salzburg Summer Academy in 2011 and 2012 in Traunkirchen, Austria. Winner of the Stevan Knezevic Award for Best Drawing, Faculty of Fine Arts, 2012 in Belgrade. Her works are in public and private collections. The 2014 GLO’ART Residency Program in Belgium. She has implemented several public and private murals in Serbia. He currently lives and works in his studio in B elgrade.

The biographical section already speaks of activity and movement, which is Jelena’s attribute and is noticeable as she expresses herself artistically. Whether it is drawing on paper or drawing and painting on canvas, Jelena’s skill is characterized by the brutal realism of the moment chosen. What is undoubtedly the specificity that stands out and with which Jelena presents herself as an artist is the ability to convey an authentic highlight of the moment already mentioned in relation to time. I would compare it to the frame in film art, only in this case it is a visual connotation.

The simplicity of the art composition enhances the effect of the visual, there are no third dimensions in the drawings and paintings, it moves it into a space that it shares with the viewer. That interactive communication further leads to the need to stop in motion while observing her works, just as she does in the frame of paper or canvas. Noting that the exhibition is dedicated to the loss of loved ones, Jelena stops time, and since by definition a Perpetuum mobile engine or machine once started continuously produces and produces energy without further investment of energy and environment, the question is to what extent life is determined by the moment and its cognition in the infinity of time, just like man in the infinity of the universe? What is the role of man in time and space, in movement? Can a person start or stop something?