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Biljana Jotic (Samardzic) is an art historian and an independent curator. She initiated and organized about 30 exhibitions in Serbia and the region, both solo and collective. He writes author’s texts, exhibits exhibitions, guides through exhibitions, organizes open classes for high school students and open art speech/talks with artists. She has been dedicated in the position of contemporary art through collaboration with artists, colleagues and institutions, the private, public and media sectors. She has implemented a series of humanitarian actions, art workshops, artistic meetings, auctions of works by local authors of the younger generation and other socially useful events. Member of Association of artits and designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) and DivArt gallery art council. She collaborates with many young perspective independence artists.

She is originally coming from Herzegovina, born in Mostar (1977), she graduated from primary school in Bileca (1977) and moved to Belgrade where she continued with her life and education. A mother of two adult children and an active independent entrepreneur in culture.

Graduated in Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, MA (2002).  During her student time she was directly involved in progressive protest against politicians (the 1996/7 protests and the 1999 bombing), she volunteered in the library at the Department of Art History. After graduation, she continued her volunteering practice at the National Museum, on the project “Digitization of Museum Collections” and at the Vatroslav Lisinski High School of Music. She is a founder of the gallery on her own initiative (2006) that she has been running for 9 years and is one of the founders of the Association BeoArt Contemporary 



Biljana’s work is focused on local visual artists of younger generations. She authored many
individual and group art shows and catalogues and initiated and completed numerous projects involving the public sector and fellow professionals.

Curator-selector at art events and festivals Belgrade Open Art, BOA 2014, 2015, Cultural Center of Belgrade ( MORE )

NOA FEST, Cultural Center of Novi Sad, multiple locations, 2015, 2016, 2017,
2018 ( MORE )

Festival PALETA MLADIH, Cultural Center of Novi Sad, 2018 ( MORE )

Jury member for awarding prizes:

6. Biennial of Water Color Small Formats, Student Cultural Center Novi Beograd,
2019 ( MORE )

Traditional Drawing Exhibition, Cultural Center of Novi Sad, 2019 (MORE )

Moderator of several panels ( MORE )

Art show openingsi ( MORE )


Guided audience through several exhibitions, designed the set ups. Organised art events, art meetings, open classes with students, art workshops with schoolchildren and adults, charity fundraisers (Easter April in Belgrade at Royal Court in Belgrade; Art for Joy at art gallery Stara Kapetanija in Belgrade; collecting books for the public library in Obrenovac) and auctions of artworks by emerging artists. Works with many artists.